Alela makes it easy to organize music events for clubs, bars, concerts and festivals. Plan, produce and optimize your profitability, managing your artists in just a few clicks.

Time saved,
successful events

With Alela, your teams all work with the same tool. From booking to managing your artists during the event, Alela supports you from A to Z. Save time by automating time-consuming tasks. Plan the best line-up by analysing your previous events.

Alela on a daily basis
No more Excel roadsheets for Lucie.

With Alela, Lucie saves 2 hours a week! She can edit & download her PDF roadsheets in 2 clicks. Hotels, transports, transfers, contact - all the useful information is automatically integrated!

No more inefficient email loops in Marc's club..

When he has a comment to make about a DJ's contract, he opens the dedicated chat and tags Loïc, his schedule organiser. Loïc receives a notification and goes back to negotiate with the artist. All the team's emailin boxes are empty !

With just one click Florine knows which artists to trust

She looks at the profitability of each artist at the previous editions of her festival. Temperature. Rain. She even knows if the weather was good on the day of the concert!

Adrien has finally found all his useful contacts

He was looking for the number of a rock band's sound engineer for an upcoming concert. Within a minute, he found it on Alela on the band's page.And the next minute, they were talking on the phone.

Centralize Your Data,
Manage Your Budgets

Easily integrate your data into Alela and use it to maintain a high level of profitability.


Maximize Your Profitability with Alela.

With Alela, choose the ideal line-up for your music event. You follow the financial data of your artists, your events and your stages over time. Our indicators include your historical data and are fully customizable. Costs, margins, income and expenditure; build and optimize your budget with peace of mind!


Simplify Your Administrative Management

Keep Track of Your Contracts at Every Stage:
Alela brings together all your service contracts. They are stored and easily available. You have a complete overview of their progress.

Integrate Your Invoices Automatically:
Our artificial intelligence reads your invoices. It then integrates the data into Alela for optimum monitoring of budgets and deadlines.

Customize Access:
You define the rights of each user on the platform. They only have access to what they need.

Secure Your Data:
Your data is stored in secure European data centers. Each client has their own database.

Simplify Production.

Alela brings together all the production tools you need, before and during your event. By automating tasks, mistakes are avoided and time is freed up to make every event a success!

Routing & Drivers

Flawless coordination and organization thanks to our automated transfer management system.

Hotels & Accommodation

Artists, dates, prices and addresses – everything is centralized on our platform so you don't forget a thing.

Technical riders

Manage your artists' needs with our dedicated area for technical riders.

Managing Flights and Trains

Enter the trip number and our tool will find all the information for you.

Our clients are talking about us.

Say goodbye to the stress of disorganization and say hello to a more focused, efficient and successful version of yourself.

Ornella Marcu
Poduction team
Working with Alela at Phantom Paris, I highly recommend it. This versatile, accessible, and precise tool greatly simplifies event management. It centralizes all tasks, from administration to accounting, offering valuable autonomy and time savings to our team !
Sylvain Guerras
Production director
I'm impressed by Alela, which revolutionizes the management of artistic events with its intuitive interface and powerful features. Planning, coordinating teams, and managing contracts become effortless, allowing me to save valuable time.
Felix Peronnet
As an administrator and accountant, I find that Alela greatly simplifies event management. Its intuitive features make it easy to track budgets, manage contracts, and handle financial transactions. This saves me time and allows me to focus on other aspects of my work.

Affordable Plans for Every Budget, Choose Yours

Alela offers a range of pricing plans to fit every budget and level of need. Whether you're a solo professional, a small business, or a large corporation, we have a plan that's right for you.

Starter plan
  • Event management
  • Artist management
  • Production & advancing
  • Up to 3 venues
  • Starter support
Professional plan
  • Event management
  • Artist management
  • Production & advancing
  • Financial tools
  • AI invoicing
  • Contracting
  • File sharing
  • Unlimited venues
  • Premium support

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